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craft: giving that paint-chipping antique feel to furniture!


Hello everyone! Jenn here! It has been a while since I have posted – school has been keeping me pretty busy!

Anywho, today I want to share with you guys a fun project I did.

I love the way antique, old, paint-peeling wood looks. I had seen on another website a neat way of recreating this look and decided to give it a try.

I have used this technique twice – on an old pair of shutters (that I scored for $3 at a yard sale off of Magazine St. in NOLA!) and on our coffee table (that we found out by the dumpster at our apartment complex – fo free! hehe).

The process is really so simple!

Step 1: Pick two paint colors – one for the bottom coat, and one for the top.

Step 2: Paint the bottom coat color.

Step 3: Then, once it has dried, apply Elmers glue on top. Wait 2 – 3 minutes for it to start drying.

Step 4: When it feels tacky, apply the top coat of paint. As the glue continues to dry, it will crack the top layer of paint, exposing the bottom color and giving it that old worn down look! SO NEAT LOOKING!

 Excuse my silly little photo shoot with the finished product! So happy with how these turned out!

They are perfect for on top of our fireplace!

Now on to the coffee table!

As it dried, a lime green color appeared. Was not too happy about that! So weird! What I think happened was when I applied to glue, it picked up some of the mustard color underneath and mixed it with the teal color. Boo 😦 It looks better in person than this photo, also. The color is more of a teal peacock color, not so “primary blue.” And there is much less of that nasty green color in person, thank god!

Here it is – adding some much needed color into our living room!

– Jenn


Author: jenncab

22 year old animal lovin', vegan eatin', new orleanian currently living in memphis with my boyfriend and dog

4 thoughts on “craft: giving that paint-chipping antique feel to furniture!

  1. I love the look of antiqued wood. This is fabulous. Thanks for the tip and directions.

  2. I love it too! And no problem – glad you like! – Jenn

  3. Cool effect! Thanks for the how-to. And don’t sweat, the blue-green looks good from here – like seeing the Earth from space. Awesome!

  4. Thanks! The color is actually growing on me – makes it look more unique!

    – Jenn

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