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Hot Cocoa Time!


Hey Guys and Gals!

I hope y’all are having a wonderful Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Winter Solstice/Holiday season! Did I cover them all? Nah? Oh well-I hope you guys are enjoying the chilly weather! I wanted to tell you guys about the hot cocoa that I’ve been making routinely for the past few weeks! I love hot cocoa. It reminds me of going to City Park to walk through “Christmas in the Oaks” with a hot cup in my hand! And listening to the different choirs and school groups perform in the background as I stroll through the trees decorated by local schools always made me so happy and cheerful! I haven’t been in a few years though and I’m thinking we won’t make again it there this year. The season just sweeps you up and time flies on by! Anywho, back to my hot chocolate!! I was craving it one night a few weeks ago and was determined to make it at home with whatever I had because I didn’t feel like going out in the cold. So I experimented! I put a small sauce pan on the stove, filled it with just the amount of almond/soy milk that I felt like drinking and started to heat it up! I grabbed some unsweetened powdered cocoa and put a teaspoon or 2 in there. I had to really stir this in because it stubbornly sat on top of the liquid until I used a little whipping action. Then I added a little sugar and cinnamon and stirred that in! And Viola! I have hot cocoa!! I’ve made it a few times over the last few weeks and each time I’ve winged/wung (?) it with those ingredients. Sometimes I felt like I wanted more cinnamon than other times, more cocoa/sugar at other times, etc. So you have to find your right mix with this. But every time it came out delicious and hit the spot! And a vegan marshmellow on top would make it complete! Let me know if any of you have good hot cocoa recipe ideas!

Y’all stay warm and cozy!


Kelli 🙂


Author: kncaballero

Vegan Graphic Designer and lover of all things fauna and flora! :)

2 thoughts on “Hot Cocoa Time!

  1. Cold weather may have been invented simply to enhance our appreciation of hot chocolate and some of the other finer things in life. We make our hot chocolate with almond milk too, and like it with a little splash of cinnamon or peppermint schnapps. If you make the almond milk with less water it becomes thicker and creamier, and that’s especially good. Enjoy!

    • Yep! I agree! This is one reason I love this time of year! Hot cocoa, all the flavors of the season like cinnamon and pepeprmint, and getting all cozy and bundled in comfy blankets! Good tip on the thicker almond milk…sounds delightful!

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