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laissez les bons temps rouler!

Happy Mardi Gras!

Even though neither of us are staying in New Orleans for the holiday, we had to have some king cake to get a little taste of carnival season. We found this vegan king cake at our Whole Foods. It was SO YUMMY – but super sugary and sweet!

Hope everyone has a great week!


– Jenn & Kelli



Yummus Hummus!

Who here loves hummus? Everyone does, right? How can you not?! It’s healthy and tasty and making it at home from scratch couldn’t be easier! Seriously-once you make it at home you won’t want to spend $4-$8 on the pre-packaged ones at the grocery store! Plus almost any brand that you buy at the grocery is filled with oil which adds so much saturated fat! I’m not anti-oil, but I do try to avoid it when I can.

Hummus is always great to have in your fridge to use as a mayo-substitute. It’s great on sandwiches or with veggies for a quick lunch or snack! This would also be a great addition to your SuperBowl spread this weekend! But beware, garlic breath is possible here so take the garlic down a notch if you’re concerned about that. Anyways, last night I was craving hummus so I decided to whip some up with ingredients I had on hand. The recipe that I’m posting below was sort of thrown together and unmeasured-but I can approximate! (Is that a verb?)

Yummus Hummus! (makes a decent bowl-size for 2-4 people to pick on)

1 can garbonzo beans-drained and rinsed.

2-3 T fresh lemon juice (start small and add as you taste)

1-2 tsp. cumin (start small and add as you taste)

1 tsp minced garlic (if you’re serving this in a social setting, consider using less garlic due to lovely garlic breath!)

a little water or vegetable broth or olive oil (most recipes use tahini-but I didn’t have any on-hand)

a small handful of sunflower seeds (my secret ingredient that adds a little extra umph!)

kalamata olives (a few to thrown in to process with the dip, and however many you want to garish on top)

Whole wheat pita bread and/or fresh veggies to dip!


Add the garbonzo beans to your food processor. Add the lemon juice, garlic, sunflower seeds, olives, and a little of whichever liquid ingredient you choose and blend. Start small with all the ingredients and blend and taste as you go.  Add the water/veg. broth/oil as you need it to get it to the consistency you want.  After your dip is made, throw a few kalamata olives in the processor and throw on top of your dip! Toast/warm your pita bread and eat up! Enjoy!

Hummus is one of those things that you can totally make your own! Try throwing in some sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts, fresh basil, fresh parsley, coriander, pepper, you name it! Let me know how you guys make your hummus!


Love & chick-peas, Kelli 🙂