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Hi there! We are Jenn and Kelli. We are sisters born and raised in New Orleans, LA. We have both been vegetarians for over 10 years now, but have just recently realized we needed to do more for the environment, our health, and animals. We’ve done our research and we’ve decided the answer was a plant-based diet-AKA We went Vegan!
We have basically been attached at the hip since birth, despite our 6 year age difference (Kelli was born in ’84, and Jenn in ’90). Our interests have always been similar and our love for all animals and the earth grows each day. Jenn just recently moved to Memphis, and we decided we still needed to be connected somehow – thus the birth of this blog. This blog is our meeting ground for all things we enjoy to discuss with each other;  Healthy vegan recipes, sustainable living, and whatever else we find interesting that crosses our paths! Enjoy!
*Disclaimer: We are not doctors or health professionals. All information on our blog are our opinions based on our own research.

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  1. Being your mother is so special! I am so proud of both of you!!! You have both followed your beliefs and that is so important!!! And you are both attached at the hips, and I love your genuine love for each other!!!! And all of the recipes I have done from your blog and your recipe book have been amazing!!!! Go plant based!!!! ( If u can!!!) I love you both!!!

  2. very cool, pleased to meet you lovely ladies. i look forward to reading more of your posts. though i’m not vegan (more power to ya), your recipes look tasty. my sister went to school at tulane and i loved visiting her… i absolutely LOVE new orleans. happy noming!
    – Katie at http://www.ohshineon.com

  3. Thanks Mom, Love you too!

    Katie, nice to meet you as well! Your blog has quite a few yummy looking vegan recipes – especially the ratatouille mmm. Definitely on my list to try!

    – Jenn

  4. Congratulations! I just nominated you for the Liebster Award ☺

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  5. Awsome girls! your blog is amazing. we love it. Go Green, Go Vegan and Keep it Simple and Smile!
    we love you,
    “just for women” bloggers

  6. Gorgeous blog. Love the photos and recipes. Oh to be able to conjure delightful dishes. Sigh. Maybe someday.
    Keep up the great blogging!

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