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Easy Homemade Peanut Butter!

Ok y’all, I love peanut butter. Like, love it. I dip my apples in it, I make pb banana sandwiches, I add it to my smoothies, the list goes on. I used to buy JIF peanut butter until I noticed the ingredients having lots of oil and other things in there that I didn’t find necessary. The same goes for other brands-most have added oils. So for the last year or so I have been buying Whole Foods 365 brand-which is great. Ingredients read: Peanuts, Salt. That’s it and I’m cool with that. But then I saw a link on Pinterest (haha that’s how most girl’s conversations go these days, right?!) about making your own peanut butter and how easy it is. I know that you can make your own at Whole Foods and other groceries but the DIY-er in me had to try this on my own at home because it just seemed too easy.  And it is! This is my first go at it so I literally only used peanuts-which is all you need.  I took a bag of roasted peanuts that I had in my pantry and shelled some until I had enough of that (this is the only work that’s really involved here), threw them in the mini processor, blended until it was the right consistency-done! It’s crazy how at first it starts to look like sand-but you have to keep blending because eventually it breaks down the natural oils and becomes a buttery consistency.

I can’t wait to get experimental with this and add things like cocoa powder or coconut flakes or chocolate chips! I wonder if pumpkin would work in there? I’ll have to try my own almond butter as well-and cashew butter/cream. Now I’ll be dreaming about nut butters the rest of the day! Ooh these could make great Christmas gifts too!

Ok cough it up-do you have a great home-made nut-butter recipe that we should know about? Please share!



Project: Inspiration Art

Hey All! We apologize for being MIA-we’ve both been in major transition! We (Kelli and Jason) just bought our first house in the beginning of July and have been living here now for about 2 weeks-settling in. Pictures to come once we have things more in place!  And Jenn and Chris moved back to Memphis, TN-Chris to continue eye doctor school (layman’s terms lol) and for Jenn to find her first job out of college! So yea-we have many blog posts of projects and recipes built up that we need to just sit down and write out! This post is actually about a project I did around a year ago but keep forgetting to post. I saw it on Pinterest (here) and knew exactly what I wanted to do for my own! A long time ago I bought these from Kirkland’s on clearance for $10 each. I knew I liked the colors and that I’d do something cool with them eventually. It may seem silly to some people, but I really didn’t like the fact that the birds were IN their cages-so I never hung them. Caged birds are not the kind of thing that inspires me, to say the least. But words definitely do inspire me. Whether it’s a clever or moving quote by someone, or a song lyric, or a poem-I’m always finding myself sinking into the meaning of thoughts and words.

I chose this quote by Gandhi, “In a gentle way you can shake the world”, because it’s something that inspires me to continue living a compassionate lifestyle. I get upset and angry sometimes when I think about the way that we treat animals and humans alike and I tend to feel overwhelmed about what I can do in order to fix it or help change the situation. It’s hard to imagine that we live in a world that enslaves so many, and most just don’t see it or they turn their heads-not to face the reality of what’s happening. This quote reminds me that the choices I make every day affect the world and the direction that it’s heading-and hopefully I’ll inspire others to make compassionate choices themselves. So, that is my “gentle way”.

This project was actually really easy and fun and I’d recommend it for a fun, quick and creative project!

If any of you do this-let me know what quote/lyric you choose!

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