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Grapefruit Juicing Nutso Over Here!

Do you guys like grapefruit? I LOVE it! So when my husband’s friend at work mentioned that he had a tree that was overflowing with grapefruit-I nearly died and went to heaven! He’s delivered us 2 boxes in the last few weeks and it’s been grape-er-great! I remember in college I would buy grapefruit juice from the grocery and always have some in the fridge! That was before I knew anything about pasteurization and how I was basically buying dead sugary juice…but, nevertheless, I still loved grapefruit and it’s juice!

So, since I now all of the sudden had all of these voluptuous balls of joy, I had to make use of them before they went bad. In other words, just eating them wasn’t doing the trick. Then I remembered the way cool industrial looking citrus press that a relative of mine gave me a while back!  Perfect! To juice them it was! Looking back, I feel it was fate that brought that press to me years ago. Because, while I use lemons and limes in my drinking water and cooking all the time, never once did I use the press for them. But for this, it was meant to be.  And, let me tell you, fresh grapefruit juice is just incredibly invigorating and tasty! I bet there are really refreshing cocktails I could make with this-so if you know of any-let us know!

There are tons of benefits, by the way, to eating and juicing grapefruit! For one, while grapefruit, (and lemons and limes) are  themselves, acidic, once consumed they actually have a very alkalizing affect on the body. This is a huge deal as the diet of our culture is extremely acidic, wreaking havoc on our bodies and causing disease. It doesn’t take much to see this.

Grapefruit is high in Vitamin C, making your immune system stronger and helping your body to absorb iron. It is a good source of Potassium and Copper as well. Potassium helps your heart to function properly and also your muscles to contract-including your digestive ones-which is crucial to a healthy digestive system. The Copper aids in the production of the protein, collagen, which makes up connective tissue and ligaments and tendons. It also gives you healthy, supple skin! So eat and drink up!

Do you guys like grapefruit juice? Have you ever had it fresh before?

Let us know if you know of any grapefruit juice cocktails we could try!

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Hot Cocoa Time!

Hey Guys and Gals!

I hope y’all are having a wonderful Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Winter Solstice/Holiday season! Did I cover them all? Nah? Oh well-I hope you guys are enjoying the chilly weather! I wanted to tell you guys about the hot cocoa that I’ve been making routinely for the past few weeks! I love hot cocoa. It reminds me of going to City Park to walk through “Christmas in the Oaks” with a hot cup in my hand! And listening to the different choirs and school groups perform in the background as I stroll through the trees decorated by local schools always made me so happy and cheerful! I haven’t been in a few years though and I’m thinking we won’t make again it there this year. The season just sweeps you up and time flies on by! Anywho, back to my hot chocolate!! I was craving it one night a few weeks ago and was determined to make it at home with whatever I had because I didn’t feel like going out in the cold. So I experimented! I put a small sauce pan on the stove, filled it with just the amount of almond/soy milk that I felt like drinking and started to heat it up! I grabbed some unsweetened powdered cocoa and put a teaspoon or 2 in there. I had to really stir this in because it stubbornly sat on top of the liquid until I used a little whipping action. Then I added a little sugar and cinnamon and stirred that in! And Viola! I have hot cocoa!! I’ve made it a few times over the last few weeks and each time I’ve winged/wung (?) it with those ingredients. Sometimes I felt like I wanted more cinnamon than other times, more cocoa/sugar at other times, etc. So you have to find your right mix with this. But every time it came out delicious and hit the spot! And a vegan marshmellow on top would make it complete! Let me know if any of you have good hot cocoa recipe ideas!

Y’all stay warm and cozy!


Kelli 🙂


Halloween! give PEAS a chance! & a Bloody Mary!

So this past weekend we went to The Voodoo Music Experience in New Orleans AKA Voodoo Fest! The last few years it’s taken place on Halloween weekend, which is perfect because it’s just so appropriate for New Orleans. We house a city of music-loving, festival-going, animated freaks and this just gives us all a place to go listen to music, eat some awesome food, and dress up! Luckily for me, when it comes to food, New Orleans has gotten way better at accomodating veggie-sauruses! I was able to grab some yummy veg. black beans and yellow rice, topped with cilantro and jalapenos, and also some hummus and pita bread. So all was well in the magical world of VooDoo. Jason and I went with my brother, Dusten and his girlfriend Mariam. It was a blast! Jason dressed as a sock monkey, and Dusten and Mariam tag-teamed it as the late Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. They all looked awesome and tried to get into character for pictures! I decided to make my own costume. I dressed as a giant hippie pea pod and held a sign that said “give PEAS a chance”! This went over so well at VooDoo! People all over were wanting to take my picture or have their picture taken with me. My ego was officially boosted! I even got used to it and as soon as people took pictures, I fell in step and did my signature peace sign/hold the sign up quick pose! I got to hear stories about people who loved peas and also one about a guy’s roommate who hates peas so much so he wanted my picture to send to him to help him change his mind. I was a therapist pea pod in some cases. You wouldn’t believe you could actually have multiple conversations a day about how people feel about peas. Also, puns were flying all over the place between me and my brother. We kept saying things like “Man, I have to PEA!’ and if anyone got rough, I’d say something like “Stay away, I’m a PEAceful Pea!”and other ridiculous fun things like that-all day-we couldn’t stop.

At one point, while walking, we came across the Jolly Green Giant! So I had to take a picture with him! People stopped and saw us posing together and started taking pictures of us as well! Oh the life of a celebrity pea pod…

And then, I spotted my soul mate! The carrot! So I took a photo with her as well! And THEN we spotted my husband’s sister-in-law, Lisa. She was dressed as a supermarket meat inspector! So here’s a photo of her inspecting my innocent little peas while I look afraid haha! Love it. Too perfect!

Well, I figured I would leave you off with a Bloody Mary that my husband made for me last weekend. That ties into New Orleans and also scariness (bloody mary) so we’ll go with that to end this post! I recently realized (thanks to my sister and co-blogger, Jenn) that a lot of Bloody Mary mixes and worcestershire sauces have anchovies in them. So, when we wanted bloody mary’s last weekend, I had to find something without. And I found Smirnoff! No sign of fishies there! And we just left out the worcestershire sauce. Oh and the okra, olives, and green beans are all local New Orleans brands! And the glass it’s in is our local Mignon Faget 🙂

Here’s how we did it!

  • 3 parts Smirnoff Bloody Mary Mix
  • 1 shot of vodka if you want to add alcohol, mine was a virgin Mary hehe
  • cracked pepper over the top
  • a dab of olive juice
  • olives, pickled okra, and spicy pickled green beans to your liking

Shaken, not stirred.

Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

-Kelli the Pea Pod