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The Less You Own…

Hello all!

We thought we’d post this Sweet Leaf Tea “Grannyism” that one of us got a while back. The Christmas Season is here and everyone is shopping like mad and rushing around trying to find gifts-which is great! Giving is wonderful and receiving gifts is so fun! We, like most everyone, tend to get caught up in the rush.  So, sometimes it’s just nice to step back and ground yourself, reminding yourself that these are “things”, and the meaning of this season isn’t about things-it’s about the people in our lives that matter most. In fact, that’s what life seems to be about. So many people in this world have minimal belongings, yet are so rich. It’s just something to think about that could help you the next time you find yourself stressing about possessions and having the feeling that you “need to have” something. Most of us struggle with this-so thank you, Grannyism, for giving us a little perspective. 🙂

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

-Kelli & Jenn