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Fish Are Friends Not Food

Hi! It’s been a while-I know. The holidays just swept us up! I hope you guys had a great one! Now let’s get to business! Food food food! I’m a cold salad kinda person-Are you? When I say salad in this context I’m talking about pasta salad, potato salad, tuna salad, chicken salad-catch my drift? When I was a kid, before I was a full-blown vegetarian, I ate things like chicken salad sandwiches and tuna salad sandwiches for lunch. I remember loving them. The crunch of the celery was so fresh and light! Well, like I have stated before, I was a lazy vegetarian when it came to cooking and experimenting-for 10 long years too…Crazy to think I just ate almost whatever I wanted sans meat/chicken/fish. It wasn’t until I became vegan 4 or so months ago that I started really experimenting in the kitchen. Well, after the long ten year wait-I finally have what I am calling my “Fish Are Friends Not Food No Tuna Salad Sandwich”! This is so exciting, let me tell you! I can not only eat something I always enjoyed-but it’s something healthier for me, and cruelty-free! You can’t get any better than when everyone wins!

I saw that Lindsay Nixon had a “Tuna” salad recipe in her Happy Herbivore book, and I also came across another similar on on a blog. So I basically did what they both did, leaving out a few small things like nutritional yeast, and onion flakes. Anywho, tonight was the night to make it!Serving Size: About 6 Sandwiches


2 (15 oz.) cans garbonzo beans/chick peas, drained

1/4 cup vegan mayonnaise – I use Nayonaise or Veganase

2/3 cup minced organic celery (I love celery and the crunch so I will probably add more next time)

3 Tbsp. minced dill pickle

2 green onion, chopped

1.5 tsp. soy sauce

1/2 to 1 tsp. organic kelp granules

pepper, to taste

*My mom tried this recipe and added in some yellow mustard and said it was delicious!

*The next time I made this, I took some fresh cauliflower and put it in the food processor and then mixed it in! It adds bulk to the mix and also all the wonderful nutrients from cauliflower! And you can’t even taste it!


Pour both cans of drained chick peas into a bowl. Mush them up with a fork. This part is where you work for your food. But it’s so worth it! Smush away! Once they’re mushed up a bit, add in the rest of the ingredients and mix! Then toast some whole grain bread and throw in some sprouts or lettuce or whatever fixin’s you like!

Let me know if you guys like it!

Happy New Year! Love, Kelli