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Project: Inspiration Art

Hey All! We apologize for being MIA-we’ve both been in major transition! We (Kelli and Jason) just bought our first house in the beginning of July and have been living here now for about 2 weeks-settling in. Pictures to come once we have things more in place!  And Jenn and Chris moved back to Memphis, TN-Chris to continue eye doctor school (layman’s terms lol) and for Jenn to find her first job out of college! So yea-we have many blog posts of projects and recipes built up that we need to just sit down and write out! This post is actually about a project I did around a year ago but keep forgetting to post. I saw it on Pinterest (here) and knew exactly what I wanted to do for my own! A long time ago I bought these from Kirkland’s on clearance for $10 each. I knew I liked the colors and that I’d do something cool with them eventually. It may seem silly to some people, but I really didn’t like the fact that the birds were IN their cages-so I never hung them. Caged birds are not the kind of thing that inspires me, to say the least. But words definitely do inspire me. Whether it’s a clever or moving quote by someone, or a song lyric, or a poem-I’m always finding myself sinking into the meaning of thoughts and words.

I chose this quote by Gandhi, “In a gentle way you can shake the world”, because it’s something that inspires me to continue living a compassionate lifestyle. I get upset and angry sometimes when I think about the way that we treat animals and humans alike and I tend to feel overwhelmed about what I can do in order to fix it or help change the situation. It’s hard to imagine that we live in a world that enslaves so many, and most just don’t see it or they turn their heads-not to face the reality of what’s happening. This quote reminds me that the choices I make every day affect the world and the direction that it’s heading-and hopefully I’ll inspire others to make compassionate choices themselves. So, that is my “gentle way”.

This project was actually really easy and fun and I’d recommend it for a fun, quick and creative project!

If any of you do this-let me know what quote/lyric you choose!

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The Less You Own…

Hello all!

We thought we’d post this Sweet Leaf Tea “Grannyism” that one of us got a while back. The Christmas Season is here and everyone is shopping like mad and rushing around trying to find gifts-which is great! Giving is wonderful and receiving gifts is so fun! We, like most everyone, tend to get caught up in the rush.  So, sometimes it’s just nice to step back and ground yourself, reminding yourself that these are “things”, and the meaning of this season isn’t about things-it’s about the people in our lives that matter most. In fact, that’s what life seems to be about. So many people in this world have minimal belongings, yet are so rich. It’s just something to think about that could help you the next time you find yourself stressing about possessions and having the feeling that you “need to have” something. Most of us struggle with this-so thank you, Grannyism, for giving us a little perspective. 🙂

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

-Kelli & Jenn